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March 2017 will be our seventh trip to the hills of Guatemala with Frontline Missions. I have been blessed all these years with the opportunity to serve God and help spread the word of God to the people of this remote village of Campur. The work that is done there is endless. The need is great and with your help I can continue my mission and God’s plan.


Hello!  I have an exciting opportunity to join a team from my church to go to Campur, Guatemala, on a mission’s trip.  I will be stationed seven hours north of Guatemala City.  The team will be divided into four different groups.   The medical team will be working in a remote village, serving the medical needs of the people.  The construction team will be building a village church in a remote mountainous area.  The evangelism team will teach the children of these remote villages.  Our task will be bringing school supplies, toys, and presenting drama and music; all centered around the hope and peace found in Christ.  Some of these remote areas require a 1-2 hour walk into the mountains.  Lastly the interior team will be showing the Jesus film in their native language of Kekchi.  I feel like this is God’s timing for me to go and I feel like I am ready.

The thing we ask of you is first that you would think and pray for me for this tremendous opportunity.  Second, if at all possible, it would be of great help if you would be willing to financially empower me to be a part of this transforming experience.  This is a great opportunity that has been on my heart.  We are grateful that you are the kind of person that I can send a support letter to. Thank you for your time.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me?  The total cost of this trip is $1,500.00.  I need to raise this before January 1st.  This will cover the airfare, extensive (and very rough) traveling and meals.

I need your prayers for this trip.  Thank you for believing in us.

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Memo (Oscar & Noralis Camarena)

Excited about Guatemala!

Oscar & Noralis Camarena