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Pins and Needles

By Michelle Ramos from My Life in a Tin Can

Pins & Needles

Don’t you just hate when you’re asleep only to wake up to that horrible sensation where you can’t feel a part of your body because you’ve been laying on it for God knows how long. You’ve cut off the circulation so the blood no longer flows in that area. We desperately try with everything we have to move it and nothing happens, nothing works it just hangs there, lifeless.

We use the other parts to help move the affected arm, leg or hand to speed up the process but we realize that we just have to try to wait patiently for the blood to silently and slowly rush back to that part of your body. At the same time we are pleading to the almighty God that we can feel again because at that hour of the night, you woke up disoriented with what just happened and your whole life just flashed before you in matter of seconds on how different it would be without function of that particular body part.

Then finally, after what we feel has taken forever, we begin to feel the best most awful sensation of the infamous pins and needles, that very uncomfortable feeling that takes over the sleeping, lifeless limb as the blood starts to creep up and bring life back to that part of the body. You cringe, it hurts, you scream but at the same time you’re grateful cause you know that although it hurts now, the feeling means the beginning of motion once again.

Now that probably seemed a bit dramatic and extreme but that just finished happening to me a couple of minutes ago hence, the reason I’m up at 4:15am writing this post. I’m exercising my hand that kindly took forever to wake up and completely deprived me of any type of sleep I had.

Anyhow, it got me to think of the parts of my life that seem dead, that seem lifeless, when in fact that’s not the case at all, its just that there hasn’t been any blood flow. Sometimes we make the error and cut off circulation from the one that pumps life into our veins, from the one that makes things run smoothly, from the one that gives us meaning and purpose so for that matter… it sleeps!

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This sort of thing happens usually when we’re asleep or when we are in a certain position for long periods of time or sometimes because we have bad circulation. And I’m thinking that the same rules apply to life. Sometimes we fall asleep on things that matter, we say “I’ll do it tomorrow” only to realize we said that about a year ago. Other times, its not that we’re not doing what we’re suppose to do but we’re doing the same thing for long periods of time which throws us into a routine and it doesn’t allow a flow of new things to happen so we get stuck, bored or tired. Which brings us to bad circulation, we get comfortable, lazy, dependent on others to do the things that we must do ourselves in order to maintain a healthy and constant flow.. things like that bring all types of repercussions.

The feeling of numbness is a red flag or a clear indication that something’s not right and it’s your body’s way of saying “it’s time to move.” I’m understanding that when those feelings come around its also God’s way of saying “it’s time to move.”

As I’m writing, I can’t help think about a friend that I have. We met when I was about 17yrs young. When you look at her, you would have never believed that she’s been through so much in her life. I don’t know anyone that could have experienced the amount of hardship she did and live sane enough to talk about it.

What drew me to her was her good heart. She would give you the clothes off her back if you needed it. I remember one time she went through a real tough season where nothing seemed right in her life, nothing seemed fair. She was always sick and I’m not talking colds and flus, I’m talking HIV, Diabetes, Hepatitis and countless other things. Then, her mom passed away and she was a mess. As a friend, I felt helpless. I found myself with no words to encourage her and it was frustrating. You see people you care about going through tough times and what you want to do is say something thats going to alleviate pressure, but some situations aren’t that simple.

Sometimes listening silently works out better and I did what I knew best to do… I wrote. I questioned the Lord and asked:

“Wow, how much load can we carry before you intervene?”

Now I know that I’m not the only one that has asked this question but only He knows when its time to come and save the day. She has this phrase that till this day she uses it, she says “I live by faith, not by what you see” honestly I can say, that phrase has taken her beyond anything comprehendible. The truth is, that she should have been dead a long time ago. Many treated her as if she had nothing left to give during those tough moments. Even she probably thought many times, “ok this is it” but God was just saying to her, you’ve been here a while, its time to change your position. God’s unstoppable love has her living and he will pursue her, like all of us till his purpose is fulfilled. And whenever she gets a bit side tracked, God reminds her that the one that pumps life into her is him. She’s such a blessed person that she is now certified by the doctors to be HIV free. Hallelujah, prayer answered!

I understand that when God has purpose in your life He will put things to sleep in you, to make things uncomfortable because He’s trying to tell you “its time to move.” Maybe you’ll go through a moment when no one will be able to help you but you. It will be late in your midnight hour and no one will be around so you, yourself are going to have to use what you have and all you’ve learned to help wake up that sleeping limb. Just like I tried using my other hand to help awaken what had fallen asleep, just like my friend says “I live by faith, not by what you see”, it might feel like the pins and needles will finish you, it will hurt and you will cringe but rejoice, its only temporary. That just means God is pushing through your veins to bring to what appears to be dead, to what others thought had no hope, to what was only asleep, and bring feeling & life once again.

This article was contributed by Michelle Ramos. For more about Michelle, please visit www.mylifeinatincan.com.