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10 Must Have Strategies for a Leader's Success

By Karen M. Pina

10 Must Have Strategies for a Leader’s Success

These are must have strategies for leadership success.  If you are not applying the 10 strategies in this article, you are headed for leadership fiasco.

10) Consistently Grow – Enroll in the school of lifelong learning and continually seek to grow and expand your knowledge, skill set, and strengths.  Press toward the mark of becoming the best you ever.  Stretch yourself beyond norm and mediocrity.  Grow your spirit so you can soar to great heights.  Become what you want.  If you want prosperity, become prosperous in your thinking and actions.

9) Be 100% Responsible – In every situation, take 100% responsibility for your actions, and you’ll find those you lead will do the same.

8) Know Those Around You – Have an accurate estimation of those that serve with you and labor among you.  Do not think too highly or lowly of others, but grasp the strengths, goals, talents, weaknesses, gifts, and abilities of those around you, not just those in your present “report to” chain.

7) Communicate Openly – Keep those you lead in the know.  Do not push people away by keeping in-house secrets.  Who knows perhaps they are the solution you have been looking for.

6) Delegate to The Right Person – It’s been said, if you want the job done, delegate the task to the right person.  Who is the right person?  The right person is the one in the right place, with the right skill set, and the right attitude.  Even if you delegate to the right person, don’t drop the ball.  Continue to follow up in a timely manner, and make sure the end result is crystal clear.

5) Plan Your Promotion – Leadership is not about being urgently required, successful leadership is about being un-required.  Raise up your replacement.  Train someone to pick up the baton.  Don’t count on a family member.  It may or may not be your son, daughter, or son-in law who automatically rises to the occasion.  We learn this from Martin Luther King, Jr. whose dream never became a reality as no one succeeded him.  Potent leadership values succession planning and develops solid plans with teams of people.

4) Build for the Long Haul – Leadership is not about building a personality cult.  Doing this gives too much power to one individual, and is detrimental to the leader, the followers, and the mission.  Build a collective leadership team, not a personality cult.  When you build for the long haul, ensure you are centered in on vision and purpose, not on one person and it will truly thrive.

3) Be/Stay Clear – Gain and seek continual clarity on your God-given priorities.  When God unveils your priorities and goals, you see merely a piece, a glimmer, a small portion.  Continue to look for areas that need tweaking, adjusting, and more inside-info from the Source.  As you do, you will always be clear about where you are heading and exactly where He wants you to end up.  How will you know when you are there?

2) Make wise, time sensitive decisions – God is never in a hurry.  The decisions we make as leaders must be in line with the call on our life and at the right time in our life.  Remember the decisions we make will affect everyone connected to us.  Just because it’s the right time for you, does not mean it is the right time for God and others.  Be sure you are making wise, time sensitive decisions.

1) Know Yourself – Have an accurate estimation of yourself.  Do not think too highly or too lowly of yourself, but have a good grasp of your strengths, weakness, gifts, talents, and abilities. Be secure.  Be confident, not cocky. People don’t follow haughty or insecure leaders for long.

If you need help getting clear on your call, purpose, gifts, or talents, we can help.

Leading wisely,

Karen M. Pina

GOD’s Coach


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