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For Those Who are Hidden

by Pastor G

For Those Who are Hidden

God has taken of His treasured ones and placed them in safe keeping until the time of their call. This can be a very lonely place if we don’t recognize that we are in this position according to the hand of God.

How many of you now feel forgotten by God although you have served Him faithfully? How many of you are wondering why the promises that you believe you have received have not come to pass? God has not forgotten! He is faithful to bring forth what He has promised and will do so at the appointed time.

Then the Lord said to me,
“Write my answer plainly on tablets,
so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.
This vision is for a future time.
It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,
for it will surely take place.
It will not be delayed.

Hab 2:2-3 (NLT)

This was God’s reply to the prophet Habakkuk when he complained to the Lord that the land had become filled with evil and he couldn’t comprehend what he viewed as God’s lack of response.

The Prophet had complained,

But you are pure and cannot stand the sight of evil.
Will you wink at their treachery?
Should you be silent while the wicked
swallow up people more righteous than they?

Hab 1:13 (NLT)

I am amazed at the Lord’s patience with us who endeavor to feebly serve Him. He didn’t admonish the prophet for his lack of faith in the promise of God; He simply told him that the promise is sure.

What so many of us fail to grasp is that the Lord of all creation never does anything in a vacuum. What He has promised us is connected to, and interwoven with, every other promise to each individual, as well as the bringing forth of His purpose throughout the earth.

Many of His people are hidden and many of His people are in the process of preparation. They have been rejected by the world, and their ministries misunderstood by many of the body of Christ. Yet when the time is right according to the will of God He shall bring forth everything He has spoken, and those He has kept hidden in the womb of preparation shall be birthed forth to reveal His glory.

From hiding to manifestation according to the promise of God!

Pastor G